SAMSAites join Gauteng’s biggest walk for health, charity and awareness


Pretoria: 24 July 2017

As many as 40 employees of the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) in Pretoria – known colloquially as SAMSAites – joined an estimated 53 000 other people for this year’s MTN/702 Radio Walk the Talk charity event in Johannesburg on Sunday.

2017-07-24 10.52.52.jpgSeveral of the SAMSAites walked the longest of the distances, a 15km traverse through picturesque parts of the city of Johannesburg including the iconic Nelson Mandela Bridge.

IMG_2044“It was in pursuit of wellness and healthy lifestyles, support of the MTN/702 charity drive, just as it was about own brand promotion to highlight the maritime economic sector,” Ms Itumeleng Pooe on behalf of the group.

IMG_2076That’s as much as what the organizers of the walk, cellular phone services company MTN and 702 Radio say the event about: having fun with others, making a difference through contribution to charity and simply exploring the City of Johannesburg.



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