SA university students a good deal to back

By Sicelo Fayo

There is barely gainsaying that this past week’s events at the country’s universities involving students waging a mighty battle for the suspension or reversal of proposed increases in fees for the 2016 academic year were certainly a source of major concern to especially parents and sponsors.

That the issue of increased fees would be of direct interest to them, possibly as a short term financial benefit, would not dissipate or arrest parents’ concerns both for the safety of the youths and their positive progress in their studies, which process would preferably entail partly, their successful sitting for and passing the current’s year’s exams. The very timing of the action, coming so close to year end exams, would worry parents most.

But as observers would testify, the action which saw the country universities’ students marching not only on Parliament but also on the seat of Government at the Union Buildings in Pretoria with much bravado; was not their only achievement, nor did it reflect wholly on the student’s general performance and achievements at campuses.

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