SA marks World Maritime Day 2019

18_12_11_IMO_WMD_WomenMaritime_Logo_Languages-English 2019.jpgToday South Africa celebrates World Maritime Day with an event at the Durban International Convention Centre, KwaZulu-Natal. Participants include the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA). 

To mark the day, this blog compiled a 14 minute video consistent with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) message for World Maritime Day 2019, which is: “Empowering Women”. The video which can be viewed on this blog’s landing (Home) page, features clips of a set of South African women in the maritime sector, featured in no specific order or special preference beyond sheer availability of visual material and production time.

The idea is to highlight, albeit very briefly, both the widespread involvement, participation as well nature of contributions females make in the country’s maritime sector. Measured in population terms, it could very well be that females make a small portion of the maritime workforce, but there is no ignoring their interests and keeness for involvement across subsectors of the sector as depicted in the video.

Watch it here


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