Wild Coast Trail Hike 2017


“Ultimate Wild Coast Hike Trail 2017”

23 September to 28 September.

Coffee Bay|  >Mdumbi|   >Hluleka|  >Mpande| >Mngazana| >Port St Johns|


IMG_6813Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency (ECPTA) and the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) to host a 6 day hike in the Eastern Cape.



Pretoria 19 September 2017.

The Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency (ECPTA) and the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) have partnered to create awareness around Marine and Coastal Tourism in the Eastern Cape particularly in the Port St Johns area.

The awareness will be centred on the famous Wild Coast Six (6) day Hike Trail.

The hike begins at Coffee Bay on Saturday morning, 23 September 2017 and finish off in Port St Johns the following Thursday (28 September 2017) to coincide with the celebrations of World Maritime Day at the town’s golf course.

The day after the formal launch of the event at Mthatha on Friday, 14 hikers comprising a mix of Government officials, fitness enthusiasts, travel bloggers and tourism officials will take on the grueling 67 km hike in what is one of South Africa’s most scenic coastal areas, overnighting each end of day at the villages spread along the trail .

At the end of each day, the hikers will be treated to massages, visits to local communities, braai, traditional beer and such other local delicacies.

On this page, the hikers will share their daily experiences in multi media format (audio, photos and video.

This blog will also carry highlights of the trail hike, as well as an information relevant to the event, beginning with this Media Advisory (Click Here).


UPDATE 1: Tuesday, September 26. Mngazana

Finally! An update is possible. No thanks to extremely poor cellphone network coverage along the route!!

It’s been four days since the group took off on the Wild Coast Trail Hike and despite the rain and wind, all of them remain in high spirits even as two returned home limping!!

Day 0. Trail Hike launch day: Mthatha’s Lutshaba Nature Reserve and Nelson Mandela Museum

Hike Trail: Day 1 – Coffee Bay to Mdumbi (10km). A rainy day!!

Hike Trail Day 2: Mdumbi to Hluleka Nature Reserve (17km). Wind in the face!!


Hike Trail Day 3: Hluleka Nature Reserve to Mngazana ( 15km) A most pleasant day with wind at the back!!

Hike Trail; Day 4. It’s getting even better for the hikers. Good weather, and mobile network working perfectly for most of the time!

Hike Trail; Day 5. We are home!!

A complete multi-media package of this incredible Wild Coast Hike Trail is being processed and shall posted right here, soon, very soon!!