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Oil spill incident in Port Elizabeth on 6 July 2019:  General news coverage (media sample)




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No need to panic: authorities on Algoa Bay oil spill

Maritime Review Africa







Shipping fuel going clean, come 2020

Shipping News reports that from 1 January 2020, the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) global cap on sulphur content in fuel will come into force. The South African publication says the cap will require that all ships burn fuel with a sulphur content not exceeding 0.5%, or to be equipped with a scrubber that reduces the vessel’s sulphur emissions to 0.5%. No less than 70 000 vessels will be effected globally, it says.

On 4 March 2019, the South African Maritime Safety Authority issued a Marine Notice No: 8, 2019 on the matter as a matter of course, to alert both the shipping community as well as the general public about the imminent introduction of the cap on sulphur content and processes associated with it.

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2020 Global Sulphur Cap

To see the SAMSA Maritime Notice 8 of 4 March 2019, Click Here

Click to access MN%208%20of%202019.pdf

The oceans belong to the people!

A national online news publication reports that” “A coalition of non-profit organisations is embarking on a new campaign aimed at saving the country’s oceans – and it wants you to give it a name.

In 2018, organisations including Wild Oceans, Ocean Unite, WWF SA, the Centre for Environmental Rights and the South African Association for Marine Biological Research launched a marine protected areas (MPA) expansion project, with the objective of getting the South African government to declare 1% of the country’s coastline as an MPA by 2020.” (TimesLive: 19  March 2019) To read more on this, click on the link below

Automation. Technology. Employment.

Launched on January 15 at International Maritime Organization (IMO) headquarters in London, the actual name of the study report is Transport 2040: Automation, Technology, Employment – The Future of Work. It is a product of the Malmo based World Maritime University (WMU) that delves deeply into what the world of mariners will look like soon, with the onset of artificial intelligence, automation and other technological advances in water transport.

According to the IMO. the report highlights  the need for reconsideration of seafarer training and standards as shipping evolves.

The report is available at the following link:

Click to access World-Maritime-University-Transport-2040-Automation-Technology-Employment-The-future-of-work-2019_01.pdf



Plastic pollution is killer!!

IMO celebrates 70 years. (SAMSA celebrates 20 years!)

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) celebrates 70 years in 2018 – the same as the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) marks its 20th years since its founding in 1998.

For its part, the IMO has dedicated this year’s World Maritime Day to maritime heritage, with a theme: “IMO 70: Our Heritage – Better Shipping for a Better Future”.

According to the IMO: “This provides the opportunity to take stock and look back, but also to look forward, addressing current and future challenges for maritime transport to maintain a continued and strengthened contribution towards sustainable growth for all”.

World Maritime Day is celebrated in South Africa annually in October, during Transport Month – a public awareness campaign of the Department of Transport and under which some aspects of maritime transport fall.

SAMSA is an agency of the Department of Transport. Below, the IMO shares its vision, goals and objectives for this year’s World Maritime Day activities.



A Plastic Ocean Official Trailer shared by the Norwegian Embassy in Pretoria, South Africa as part of an announcement of PLASTIC AND THE OCEAN /// Ocean Week 2018, about you can read here:


France ratifies fishing vessel safety treaty


Efforts to increase global fishing vessel safety have received a boost with France becoming the ninth State to ratify IMO’s Cape Town Agreement. The treaty covers various important safety requirements including radiocommunications, life-saving appliances and arrangements, emergency procedures, musters and drills. The Cape Town Agreement will enter into force 12 months after it has been ratified by 22 States which, collectively, have 3,600 or more fishing vessels of at least 24 metres in length operating on the high seas.

H.E. Ambassador Nicole Taillefer, Permanent Representative of France to IMO, presented the instrument of ratification to IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim at IMO Headquarters, London (23 February).



An imminent preponderance of AI potentially presents as many challenges as it does opportunities for the maritime sector, SAIMI conference in Cape Town hears…..

Bright future for SA maritime industry


Durban nurdle spillage and pollution management stories….

Toxic beads wash up in PE after Durban spill



The Indian Ocean Memorandum of Understanding (IOMOU) Port State Control, based in India has announced that member States of the structure would be embarking on a Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) on Safety of Navigation for a three months period beginning on Friday, September 1, 2017 through to November 30, 2017.

South Africa is a member State of the structure.

The campaign would conducted simultaneously with the Paris MoU, Tokyo MoU and other MoUs, said the committee. It said the purpose of the exercise would be to verify that compliance by industry role players with applicable requirements of SOLAS Conventions, the overall status of vessels’ navigation safety and the competency of crews involve in navigation operations.” To read the Statement, Click Here.


The world has finally noticed that the ocean is a finite resource,” note The Conversation online publication with respect to the United Nations’ first conference on Oceans currently on (from June 5-9) in New York.

According to the UN, the conference co-hosted by Fiji and Sweden is held to support the implementation of ‘Sustainable Development Goal 14’ – which is about the conservation and sustainable use of the oceans, seas and marine resources and coincides with an observation of World Oceans Day on June 8.

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South Africa to take up chairmanship of Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) for two years from March 2017.

The South African government confirmed on Tuesday, March 01, 2017 that it would be formally assuming the chairmanship of the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) from this month for a period of two years.

A cabinet briefing statement said:

“On 8 March President Jacob Zuma will undertake an official State Visit to Indonesia. Both South Africa and Indonesia are one of the largest economies in their respective regions, and endowed with rich natural and maritime resources.

This will be preceded by the Leaders’ Summit of the Indian Ocean RIM Association (IORA) from 6 to 7 March 2017, which will also commemorate IORA’s 20th anniversary. At that Summit, President Widodo will hand over the chairship of IORA to South Africa.

South Africa and Indonesia are both founding members of IORA, which comprises 21 coastal states of the Indian Ocean. South Africa served as Vice Chair from 2015 to early 2017 and will serve as Chair from 2017 to 2019.” 

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Draft Comprehensive Maritime Transport Policy 2016 Bill approved and out for public comments.

A South Africa government Cabinet statement on 15 February 2017 confirmed that a draft Comprehensive Maritime Transport Policy 2016 was approved, for public comments.

“This provides a national framework to guide the integrated governance, growth, development and transformation of the maritime sector, with a view to unlock the maritime sectors’ full potential and enhance its contribution to the socio-economic development objectives of the country, while contributing to international trade.

“This is in line with Government priorities relating to Operation Phakisa on growing the Oceans Economy and broader goals from the National Development Plan 2030 and the National Infrastructure Plan to promote economic growth and to boost job creation,” said the statement.

Cabinet also confirmed that a Draft Marine Spatial Planning Bill, 2016 had been submitted to Parliament.

“The Bill provides a legal framework for the development of a marine spatial planning system that promotes economic growth; and is facilitated by coordinating planning across multiple sectors.

“It will promote good ocean governance by ensuring involvement of all sectors in joint management and planning in the ocean space. It will also facilitate: conflict resolution (amongst the users of space and regulatory authorities); enhancement of information; knowledge and management in South African ocean space.

The Bill will work towards sustainable development, rather than only conservation or environmental protection, with a view to contribute to more general social and economic objectives. It is also a key initiative of the first Operation Phakisa (Ocean Economy) to unlock our economic potential.” said the statement.  For more, follow the link below.

The Bill is available here:


Connecting ships, ports and people theme launched by IMO Secretary-General

Deep sea mining gets a second look

Vietnamese sailor killed, 7 abducted in Philippine pirate attack

Turf squabbles in the neigbhorhood and other things seaward!


07 November 2016

Horse mackerel saga resolved.

The Department of Agriculture, Foresty and Fisheries (DAFF) announces on Sunday (06 November 2016) that it has reached a settlement in a litigation case brought by the South African Deep Sea Trawling Industry Association (SADSTIA) and others.

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04 November 2016

South Africa and Namibia agree to collaborate on fisheries: to sign an MOU by end November 2016

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14 October 2016

South Africa’s Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries welcomes increase in tuna qoutas for South Africa.

“As Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, I welcome the increase of the Southern Bluefin Tuna allocation for South Africa by the Commission for Conservation of Southern Bluefin Tuna (CCSBT) during its 23rd annual Extended Commission meeting in Kaohsiung, Taiwan”…..To read more: Click Here

10 October

SAMSA’s Annual Report is out.

To access it, please Click Here

10 July

There’s a crisis in our oceans, illegal fishing dwarfs ivory and rhino horn poaching

Greek shipping group Aegean makes a R1.6-billion landing in SA!

12 July

China’s claims to South China Sea rejected by international tribunal

10 July

Can you farm fish in a cargo vessel?

Brothel? Not in this habour!

Jul 01

Wars and Seas…

Chinese fishing vessels released from detention in South Africa

June 15

Former SAMSA CEO expanding own maritime interest horizons


May 30

World Café brings new life to earth observation innovation


May 23/24/25

More Chinese fishing vessels arrestedIMG_2179


The Standard (Hong Kong):


Independent OnLine


11 May 2016

Tank farm and ore dump must move, PE Mayor Danny Jordan demands!

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09 May 2016

The Rise of the Oceans!

An imaginary movie on “The Rise of the Oceans” would not be any different to one many people have seen about “The Rise of the Machines”!

The Scientist Magazine reports on exactly that, except that it is not imagination but a scary reality facing the planet. It reports that 5 of the Solomon Islands have vanished with more similar low lying islands across the world facing a similar fate in the not too distant future!

26 April 2016

They are now rigging the berths for the oily and gaseous at the deep water Ngqurha habour near Port Elizabeth, a sign that some are beginning to see more than fish in the sea!

23 April 2016

Got a taste for parties with a maritime theme? If so, you may want to diarise this one.

03 April:

Mvezo makes a splash at Durban harbour


Cape Town learner to taste life at sea



SA set to surf the global economic wave


From New York Times:

Renewed impetus to promote a policy of cargo reservation to South African registered ships


 Finally, SA gets a merchant ship

Independent Online News:

 “First SA cargo ship registered”

Cape Business News:

From Splash24/7:  “South Africa’s ship registry receives first two vessels”

South Africa’s ship registry receives first two vessels

From Marine Link: “First SA cargo vessel registered”

SA, Japanese partnership boosts maritime sector

SABC News:,-Japanese-partnership-boosts-maritime-sector-20152509

 “Marine Resources Central in Economy”

CEO Global Magazine:!142-cpsamsa/cmll